Hello everyone I just tried the Voki tool as a speaking activity and I love it, It is fun and we can record ourselves and reproduce it as well.

As teachers it is a fun tool so we can teach in a different way and motive our students.

You really have to try the Voki tool.




I have an example of a Rubric I know is not perfect but you can help with your opinions and fresh ideas.

Task to do:

Read a short story using the reading methods that we have seen in class: Scanning, Skimming, Predicting, Deducing meaning for detail.

Answer the next questions

Who are the main characters?

What is the main problem?

What is the moral message in the story?

What would you have done different from the main character?



A class on line

The last class of English that I had, was very different from what I am use to, the class on-line gave me the opportunity of search what I need and read more, I mean not just what I was supposed to learn. It was much more relaxing, working in at my own rhythm, sharing with my class mates.

It was a very complete class reading, talking, listening, writing, we have to watch some videos interacting between us. I like it even I am the kind of person who prefers to work alone that means is a kind of class for everyone.

I do not like homework

Yes, you have read it already,” I don’t like homework”, I use to say that to my English teacher when I was in high school and the assignment was: learn all the verbs of the list for tomorrow there will be a test.

A test?! but WHY?

Oh yes, it was not funny at all, but since I was very young I found a way to learn verbs, vocabulary, etc. I am┬ánot really good at singing, a dog can bark with more rhythm than I do, but… I could still write, so why don’t try making our own songs with verbs or vocabulary?

So please help me with ideas what kind of songs would you write for your students