Teachers with a purpose

Knowing about Bloom´s taxonomy can help us as teachers to develop meaningful classes, where our students can really learn, because recalling something it is not learning. So when we are planning our classes we need to do it with a purpose; what we want our students to learn by doing what.

Bloom´s taxonomy is very useful nowadays and I believe we can apply it in all our classes so we can be better teachers and prepare better classes, because knowledge should be beyond reading and writing.


I believe that sometimes teachers just focus in their programs and they teach in the same way year after year, maybe that is why I have not heard about Bloom´s taxonomy before. If the teachers do not put any effort in their lessons plans, how are the students going to put enough effort in learning?

Bloom´s taxonomy is knowledge for life as teachers, so it really does not matters if it is part of the TKT program, it is useful for us, who would like to become into teachers with a purpose.



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